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Association Leadership Conference 2015

Copper Mountain Resort, June 25-27

Join us for the new and exciting 2015 Association Leadership Conference to be held at the Copper Mountain Resort, June 25-27. We will be introducing a revised format with exceptional speakers, networking opportunities, team building, training sessions, and practical takeaways for your job and association. This is a "must attend" for your board and new members.                        (Please see the ALC Agenda below.)

eet Our Keynote Speakers...

Jules Gaudreau will become the NAIFA National President in October 2015. He is the President of The Gaudreau Group Inc., a large multi-line Insurance and Financial Services Agency founded in 1921, with three locations headquartered in Wilbraham, Massachusetts. He is a Chartered Financial Consultant, Certified Insurance Counselor and a Licensed Insurance Advisor. Jules works primarily in the corporate market with a focus on employee benefits, estate and business applications of life insurance, and commercial property/casualty lines. Jules is a Top of the Table member of the Million Dollar Round Table.

  Bob Davies has used his considerable personal and professional experience as a leader to help people around the country become more confident and more productive. As a keynote speaker, author, trainer and coach, Bob has drawn upon the lessons he has accumulated from his roots to his successful career as a college football coach, in order to develop a system for improving lives based on clarity, focus and accountability. He holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Health from Rutgers University and a Master’s degree in Psychology from Springfield College. Bob has studied and formed systems around strategic planning, time accountability, tracking, and creating systems that enable individuals to tap into the highest level of their potential as a Master Certified Coach. Mr. Davies will be a main stage speaker at the 2015 MDRT Meeting, plus the 2015 NAIFA Conference and LILI VII Reception this year. Sponsored by CollegeInvest.

Robert Edgin uses today’s technology to make the insurance process simple and easy, with the availability of virtual meetings, online policy access, 24-hour phone and claims support. His firm provides fully-licensed professionals skilled not only in Colorado home and auto insurance, but also in life insurance, retirement planning, and business insurance. If their clients need help with more complicated insurance problems, his multi-faceted office has the knowledge and the resources to go to the next level. Find out how they operate at the ALC!

Joel Gueck Most of Joel’s career had been in the training industry, before coming to work for New York Life in 2003.  He achieved Premier Executive Council and MDRT his first year as a field Agent, and achieved council status three times in the two and a half years he was an agent, before moving into management.

Currently, as Director of Development, Joel is one of the Development Managers at the Colorado General Office for New York Life.  He has a passion for teaching, motivating, public speaking, and finding out what inspires those agents he now works with.

Kurt Reinhart and Wendi Swanson
Create Training &Consulting 

Kurt is an author, consultant, trainer and teacher of managers. Create provokes, shares, enables, encourages, stimulates and influences the intention and decisions managers make in their job of getting things done through others. Think managerial and leadership development programs, workshops, speeches and curriculum. All designed around experiential learning and the answers to the questions…"what, why, how and to what extent?"

Wend is a passionate business consultant, learning and development facilitator, and writer. Wendi partners with businesses around the world to develop aligned strategies focused on key initiatives with scorecards which prove ROI in both revenue and profit. Some examples of initiatives are talent acquisition, customer engagement, leadership development, measurement and achievement of KPIs.
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Please note that room reservations must be made directly by individual attendees. Call the Copper Mountain Resort at 1-866-837-2996,
Code: NAIFA Leadership Conference/2128.
See room rates below:

                        Room Type               Nightly Rate
                        Gold One Bedroom        165
                        Gold Two Bedroom        211
                        Silver Standard Room   120
                        Silver One Bedroom      147
                        Silver Two Bedroom      188


2015 Association Leadership Conference Agenda

June 25-27, 2015

Copper Mountain Resort, CO

Thursday June 25th

10:00am-1:00pm       Executive Board Meeting & Lunch

12:00-2:00pm             Registration/Sponsor Setup

12:00-2:00pm             Resort Arrival & Conference Check-In

2:00-3:00pm               State Board Meeting

3:00-3:15pm               2015-2016 Vision & Mission / Bobo Award

3:15-6:00pm               Teambuilding -Create Training & Consulting

6:00-9:00pm               Team Dinners/Local Association Planning

Friday June 26th

7:00-9:00am               Registration/Sponsor Setup

8:00-8:45am               Breakfast with Dan Flancha - "Sales Dynamics"

8:45-9:00am               Housekeeping / Agenda Review

9:00-9:15am               Bob Avery- Outgoing President’s Remarks

9:15-9:30am               Deborah Tanner-Incoming President’s Remarks

9:30-10:15am             Jules Gaudreau, Jr., NAIFA National President-Elect

10:15-10:30am           Break

10:30-12:30pm           Office of Public Affairs-Social Security Benefits

12:30-1:30pm             Box Lunches with LILI Exercise

1:30-2:15pm               Membership-Greg McElheny

2:15- 2:45pm              Membership Breakout Groups (Mixed Locals)

2:45-3:15pm               Membership Breakout Groups (Individual Locals)

3:15-3:30pm               Break

3:30-3:45pm               Membership Recap

3:45-5:00pm               Kevin Ross-Government Relations

5:00-5:30pm               Bob Ross-NAIFA Board & Chairs/Succession Planning

5:30-6:00pm               Break for Reception/Dinner

6:00-7:15pm               IFAPAC Fundraising Reception (Passage Point Pool)

7:30-9:30pm               Dinner, Officer Investiture, LILI Grads
                                     Joel Gueck "Train to Success"

Saturday June 27th

8:00-9:00am               Breakfast

8:00-8:15am               NAIFA National Conference-Bob Ross

8:15-8:30am               College for Financial Planning – "LUTC Program"

8:30-9:15am               Robert Edgin–"Social Media to Grow your Business"

9:15-10:15am             Bob Davies – "Wellness"

10:15-10:30am           Break

10:30-12:00pm           Bob Davies – "Leadership, Motivation, and Accountability"

12:00-12:30pm           Drawings & Closing


Member Benefit of the Month

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A Brief History of NAIFA-Colorado

NAIFA-Colorado, originally founded as the Colorado Association of Life Underwriters (CALU) in 1935, was based on the precept that those engaged in life underwriting occupy the unique position of liaison between the purchasers and the suppliers of life and health insurance and closely-related financial products. Inherent in this role is the combination of professional duty to the client and to the company, as well. Ethical balance is required to avoid any conflict between these two obligations.
NAIFA-Colorado’s mission:

NAIFA-Colorado is an organization of insurance and financial advisors whose purpose is to serve as an information resource, to promote ethical conduct, and to enhance our professional skills and public image, and support our local associations.

The NAIFA-Colorado Board of Directors meets four times per year, promoting educational programming and continuing education. In addition, we promote advocacy through legislative functions, including IFAPAC, APIC, Legislative Receptions, and a Day on the Hill. We also send representatives to the Division of Insurance’s Producers Advisory Council to articulate our views on rules, regulation
s, and pending legislation, as it affects the field of insurance and financial planning.

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